The Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Collection is firmly rooted in the belief that each and every wedding dress be imbued with a spirit of romance, sophistication, and modernity. Remy Quinones, CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Isabelle Armstrong, believes that a wedding dress is not just something that is beautiful on it's own. It takes the right bride in the right dress to make the moment truly magic. 

Marrying tradition with the element of surprise into the collection, each gown carries with it the promise of fashion, fantasy and function. Quinones draws inspiration from a variety of sources combining a centuries-old sense of propriety with the current mood of the modern bride. Elements of fantasy add moments of surprise with unexpected details, combinations of fabrics and bold silhouettes. But Quinones also understands that you can't underestimate the need for comfort in a wedding gown. A bride needs to dance, hug and throw her hands in the air, without giving it a second thought. 

Quinones, an entrepreneur and wedding industry veteran, founded and launched the Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Collection in 2013. She was inspired by the many real brides she had come to know and admire over the years at her couture wedding salon in New Jersey. Sensing that there was a niche for a collection of wedding gowns that expressed a passion for exquisite couture fabrics, delicate laces and custom embroideries, Quinones took her desire one step further with the creation of her own luxury wedding brand.

Every season, Quinones challenges herself and her team with new, innovative silhouettes and details that make each dress as individual as the bride who will wear them. Luxe, handcrafted fabrics combine effortlessly with innovative techniques, forward-thinking design and time-honored craft, all vital DNA hallmarks of the Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Collection.