How to buy a couture wedding dress


Buying a Couture wedding gown is an amazing experience. Having a beautiful dress, custom-made for you to wear for your wedding will guarantee you’ll remember your special day forever! Here is what you need to know about buying a Couture dress.

1    What is the difference between a ready-to-wear and a couture dress?

A ready-to-wear dress (Prêt-à-Porter in French) is a dress that you buy, whether in store or online, that you can wear immediately. It is literally made so that you can wear it straightaway, without having to get fitted. A Haute Couture gown (commonly shortened to Couture) is custom-made, i.e. specifically made for an individual and usually of much higher quality than ready-to-wear. At Isabelle Armstrong we only use the finest materials for our dresses. We want our brides to be able to wear their dream dress: a work of art that makes them look their absolute stunning best! For example, the embroidery on our gowns is hand-made in our studio and we source our laces from allover the world. When you buy a Couture dress, you’ll need to be fitted. This is why it is a great idea to go to a trunk show.

2    Why do I want to go to a trunk show?

At Isabelle Armstrong we organize regular trunks shows at our retailers throughout the US and internationally. It is not just fun to spend the day with your family or best friends trying on beautiful custom-made wedding dresses, but it also serves a purpose: to give you the opportunity to view the dresses in person and try them on which is important as you’ll need to be beautiful but also feel comfortable on your wedding day. You’ll find out what type of dress looks best on you in terms of color, style, materials and shape. On your special day you should look your most beautiful: the woman your future hubby fell in love with!

3    What should I know before a trunk show?

Make sure you have your hair and make-up done so that you can see what the end result will look like: without hair and make-up it will be more difficult to imagine the final look. Keep in mind that depending on what time of the year your wedding will be held, you may want to choose a different dress, i.e. appropriate for that season. We know that preparing for a wedding can be stressful when family or girlfriends are trying to push their ideal view of a wedding on you or are not supportive of your decisions. Similarly, when fitting your wedding dress, you’ll only want to take those friends or family members that are going to be supportive and that will give you kind, constructive feedback!