Should I get a wedding planner or DIY it?

When you are planning your wedding there are so many decisions to take…guest list, venue, photographer, food, dress, flowers…do you have time to organize it all yourself or could it be worth hiring a wedding planner? That depends.

First off you have to consider how much time you have available to do any planning at all. If you and your fiancé both have busy jobs it may be worth spending the money on a wedding planner who can orchestrate your special day without you having to worry about guest accommodation or food allergies. If you have a limited budget available you may be able to consult with a wedding planner upfront so that they can guide you on how to do it yourself in the best possible way.

It is tempting to ask your best friend or your sister to organize your wedding for you. Keep in mind though that you’ll have to take some hard decisions about your budget and guest list so unless your are comfortable saying no to a close friend or family member, it may be worth outsourcing the job to a wedding planner (who you’ll have no trouble haggling with).

You can take care of certain wedding items yourself (designing invites for example, as they get sent out months in advance) but there are others that you’ll want to farm out, particularly as you get closer to your wedding day. Food for example. The week before your wedding will be stressful with last-minute logistics to finalize so the last thing you want to be doing is worry about how to prepare 500 hors-d’oeuvres.

We feel the same way about flowers. Even though bridal bouquets can look effortlessly beautiful, it actually takes a lot of time, work and space to put together a floral arrangement that works (let alone 50). And remember that you’ll have to clear it all up at the end of the night: the wedding venue will probably not take care of that.

Finally, unless you want to remember your special day from the blurry snapshots your drunk cousin took on his iPhone before it ran out of power, you’ll probably want to consider hiring a photographer for the day. Make sure to sit down with the photographer to explain the kind of photographs you’d like to have, for example classically posed or more documentary-style.

Looking for a wedding planner in the New York City area? Here is a list. If you decide to go DIY here are some useful tips from