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Isabelle Armstrong in the November issue!

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Street-Style Star Lainey Hedaya found her Isabelle Armstrong wedding gown just 6 days before the big day. See how this bride kept her cool and found her dream dress. Click through for her story and her expert style tips for brides at

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Finding Your Best Bridal Voice…And The Gown of Your Dreams

Recently, I attended a trunk show and observed a bride and her entourage in the throws of bridal nirvana. Surrounded by an endless sea of white couture, the bride eagerly paraded gown after gown in front of her adoring audience. Yet, it became increasingly evident that her initial exuberance was rapidly waning. Perhaps she was simply becoming overwhelmed and exhausted by the process. I suspect that her shift in mood had much more to do with the pounding of negativity she received from the various women in her group who each had her own opinion about what looked good and what the bride should wear.

With each passing selection, the mood grew darker and the dissenting voices grew louder. At one point, the bride, clearly loving the gown she had on, expressed her own opinion regarding a choice that she loved only to be shot down in the process. The look of pain in her eyes became evident to me and yet those around her simply could not pick up on the clues that they were making the entire experience about them. The bride ultimately left the appointment discouraged and without a gown.

Buyer beware is an established caveat in legal jargon. The phrase is a warning to all those who unwittingly buy unfit product or services. Be careful and informed when making a purchase. In the bridal sector, the same principal applies to the process of selecting a wedding gown. Don’t let your vision become someone else’s or surely you will be led astray. The first method to establishing bridal gown selection independence, is to limit the number of guests you take to bridal appointments. This is a crucial point that cannot be stressed enough. Bringing a large group of potential opinion suppliers to a bridal gown shopping appointment is a recipe for disaster.

Keep your group to a limited number of trusted family members or close friends whose opinions you truly value. The less distraction, the more likely you will be successful in finding a gown that YOU love. Finding your voice and freely asserting it is the key to a successful wedding gown shopping experience, because in the end, your voice is the only one that should matter. — RQ

Isabelle Armstrong in the new issue of Vogue Japan Wedding!

Isabelle Armstrong in the new issue of Vogue Japan Wedding!

BTS video from our Fall 19 collection photo shoot!



Why we love bridal veils.

Weddings are steeped in symbolism and rites of passage that can sometimes feel antiquated and out of touch with our modern lives. Does the bride really have to wear something blue? What’s the big deal if the bride and groom see one another on the day of, before the ceremony? While trends may come and go, there are some wedding rituals that we still hold near and dear, like the bridal veil. Once thought to ward off evil spirits, the bridal veil has held its own throughout the centuries.

Yes, it’s kind of old-fashioned to think of the bridal veil as a symbol of purity and innocence and that it was once considered the final ceremonial gesture of a father ‘giving his daughter away’ to another man that historically suggests the passing of property from one head of the household to another. Looking past any of these long-forgotten negative connotations, there remains the charming tradition of fantasy, romance, mystery, and that once-in-a-lifetime moment of wearing the one weightless wedding-day accessory that carries so much historical and symbolic weight.



To bow or not to bow…that is the dilemma I face, each and every collection. Generally, the bow wins. I know it always will because nothing compliments a gorgeous wedding gown better than a beautifully sculpted bow. Large or small, there is a place for them all.

The bow has a long history in fashion, having at various points in time been highly popular. In the Victorian era, for instance, bows were common embellishment for both women and men, often being worn on dresses and as hair accessories. Men’s bow ties were more exaggerated than the bow tie of modern times. During the Art Deco period, however, bows fell out of grace having been replaced by more geometric shapes and lines. This bow-less period quickly faded with the bow returning to fashion with a vengeance in the 1940’s, adorning clothing, hair accessories, and even jewelry.

I love a great bow for many reasons. First and foremost, bows make me smile. They are an instant inspiration of optimism and of all good surprises. They are versatile, classy, elegant, and even flirtatious. They come in all sizes and shapes. A twist on a traditional bow can be interesting and unique.

Bows conjure up fantasies of romance and whimsy. Bows brighten up even the dreariest of garments. Bows are bastions of femininity.

And lastly, bows have long ruled the runway in creations by some of the most influential designers from Dior to Valentino to Rodarte and Erdem.

To bow or not to bow…I will never say no! — RQ



Bold bridal beauty.

As each new collection takes shape in our design studio, a certain mood begins to emerge. The dresses take on a life of their own, inspiring us to think about how we’ll present them at NY Bridal Fashion Week and at our big seasonal photo shoot.

Our campaign and lookbook shoot is really where we let our hair down, so to speak. We collaborate with brilliant photographers, hair and makeup artists, and set designers to establish the tone every season. For our Spring 2019 shoot, we were in the mood for bold color, bold beauty, and bold brides. The lush fabrics and silhouettes of the collection inspired our hair and makeup team to go a little wild this time too. And wild they did!

Celebrity hairstylist Felix Fischer created fourteen incredible couture hair looks - one for each dress! From big Botticelli-like waves to sky-high swirling up-do’s, Fischer captured the spirit of each gown, emphasizing their unique personalities. As each model’s hair was carefully fashioned into shape, Fischer styled the looks with silk flowers, feathers, ripe red berries, ribbons, and bridal tulle, sculpting and inventing one-of-a-kind fantasy hairstyles.