Are you wild at heart?

“For Isabelle Armstrong’s Spring 2019 shoot, I played with the idea of a fantasy garden and made the hair-do’s larger than life with beautiful, unexpected accessories that added the nuance of color, sculpted shapes, and wild untamed textures.” - Felix Fischer, Celebrity Hairstylist

For editorial and advertising shoots, I like to approach hair in a totally organic way. I get the creative brief, but I don’t plan too much ahead. I like to work in the moment. Spontaneity is a part of my process, it keeps me on my toes.

When I work with real brides, we always do a test a few weeks before the wedding. You can’t go too off-script, but as I work with each bride on her hairstyle, I do make creative suggestions along the way because that little something special can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!
— Felix Fischer

Now we’re not suggesting that as a bride, you’ll want to wear a tiny bird’s nest on your head surrounded by mossy greens, but if you do, that’s okay too. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to tuck a cluster of crystal-covered flowers into your hair or create a crown of fresh handpicked Snapdragons and Sweet Alyssum for a touch of fantasy.

Creating a unique look that conveys your personality on the big day should reflect who you are but also the mood of your celebration. Adding whimsical, unexpected touches don’t have to be big, giant gestures, they can be small moments of magic that elevate your complete bridal look. Whether you whisper or shout, expressing your inner wild child can be a beautiful thing. — IA